A Book as a Bridge by Elena Berriolo

So honored to be the videographer for Elena Berriolo‘s performance A Book as a Bridge for the Center for Book Arts, NYC.

Here are a few pictures of the performance [Monday – November – 23rd – 2015]. On the 2 train from Wall Street to the Bronx…

A description of the performance [from Elena Berriolo’s website]:

“Traveling from the FinancialDistrict to the Bronx, a sewing machine is placed in the last car, at the rear end of the 2 subway train next to an accordion book whose length when unfolded would equal more or less the length of the last train’s car.
At departure, I will start sewing/tracing the book with an embroidered line and continue producing it while unfolding it up to the arrival. During the journey the passengers will be invited to hold the unfolding book and slowly pass it from hand to hand toward the front of the car.
At the time of arrival, the whole line-book will have stretched through the entire length of the last train’s car having grown the distance from its back to its front but it will have also grown from Wall St to  149th St. in the Bronx, covering more then 12 miles of distance within its 50 feet of length, bridging  the physical and virtual distance separating the two places now linked by a sewing machine line traced and kept in a book.
The book is now displayed at Center for Book Arts.  It is my intention to start a conversation about finding new ways to mend the distance between the two communities, linking two sites that symbolize two virtual islands in need of a connection: the Stock Market to the People Market.”

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Center for Book Arts


Thank you Art for your precious help!


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