Artist Statement

I consider my art to be an evolving exploration of visual storytelling. Although I like to experiment with different media, the two techniques that I have focused on are photography and collage.

In photography, coming from social documentary roots, I have moved toward a more abstract form of expression. Through flattened perspectives and tilted horizon lines, I explore my emotions and internal reactions to the subject. By playing with trajectories, visual balance and geometry, I can physically experience the space I am representing. This interaction elicits my emotional response. For example, I can see from a child-like perspective by looking from a low point of view, or I can take disorienting pictures by shooting quickly and sideways as if in a fuzzy dream.

Collage is a medium that I started to spontaneously explore in my early childhood. Contrary to my photography, I use only straight lines and regular shapes. I paint them on canvas, cardboard or wood to represent the reality of things, the border layer of how reality appears just before its emotional perception. All the feelings, stories and atmospheres are fully conveyed by printed cutout words that I glue to “talking” trees, leaves or other found objects. These are neatly arranged on monochromatic stripes or geometrical shapes.

As I navigate back and forth between real and surreal, I blend representation and imagination, seeking to balance actuality and subjectivity. I am looking for a complex, yet accessible narrative space where I can share and invite the viewer to participate.