Artitaly & Artworld


DomagkAteliers, Munich Germany, June 5th to June 10th 2014

My video art piece “Queen B inc” (sound by Flavio Sciole’) is part of the group exhibition Artitaly & Artworld curated by Pamela Cento in cooperation with Gaze Photography ( and Gelato!ArtSalon (

This event aims to give visibility to the most interesting streams of energy of the emerging art scene in Italy and to put it in relation with the most vital, non-mainstream artistic production of the rest of the world.

Press Release:

In the group exhibition Artitaly & Artworld the works of italian and international artists will be presented and compared with each other; the organization of Pamela Cento (Cento Produzioni Arte e Comunicazione) builds its foundation right on this artistic dialogue between different cultures. The exhibition is made of two steps. One is dedicated to the art “made in Italy”, the other features works by artists who were born abroad or are for years living abroad (Artitaly & Artworld First Step exhibition 5th to 10th June 2014). The aim of the two step exhibition is to present a cross-section not only of italian but also international artists. Pamela Cento promotes for many years talented italian but also foreign-born or abroad living artists. Over the time more and more art professionals became involved in her international exhibitions.

In the first step of Artitaly & Artworld, from 5th until 10th June 2014 you can see works of various genres and artistic languages. From analog to digital photography, from experimental to traditional painting, installations and video art. The artists are: Gabriel Berretta, Roberto Capuzzo, Dominique Catton, David Danesi, Silvano Debernardi, JD Doria, Marco Fabozzi, Clara Fantini, Marco Ferrari, Carmine Fiore, Gigi Galli, Tito Gargamel, Enrico Gherardi, Claudia jackets, Paola Guerra, Joan La Crescent, Holy Worked Simona Luchian, Fabiana Yvonne Lugli, Francis Mangiaracina, Angelo Martinelli, Giulio Matusali Cesare, Nicola Morea, maurinomangiapanino (Mauro Maffina), Nascar (Thomas Fettucciari), Sara Pettinella, Marco Randazzo, Massimo Rivenci, Gisella Sorrentino, Sossella Gilberto Franco Spina, Maurizio Travani, Jason Wicks.

The section of Video Art is realized in collaboration with Alessandra Carbone and Gaze Photography ( – For this specific occasion we present is entirely focused on the video-art production of 4 artists who are either based or have intensely worked within the New York City area. What strikes after comparing the very diversified video material our artist are sharing with us is that the influence of the quintessential urban experience can be perceived as a metaphor of the journey of the human soul. The latter remaining a very solitary affair after all, regardless of the presence- or absence- of millions of other humans surrounding you (Alessandra Carbone)

The Domagkateliers ( located in the north of Munich, are a collection of more than a hundred art studios where 150 artists are working and creating. They are one of the most prestigious, oldest and largest art colonies in Europe, a residence that is made up of artists from different nationalities. A place in the city of Munich, which realizes a dream and is dedicated to the artists and the arts in all its genres.

Within the Domagkateliers, in a former renovated barrack, one finds its heart: The “Halle50”, a large post-industrial exhibition hall where can be admired art projects mainly of international character: perfect for a collective exhibition on high standards as that of Artitaly & Artworld. To find out more you can visit the web site which is dedicated exclusively to Artitaly & Artworld: The artistic and curatorial direction is by Pamela Cento, who has already carried out numerous exhibition projects in partnership with key beneficiaries galleries and institutions of public and private nature in different parts of the world.

Queen B. inc.

This video installation documents a true story by merging photography and video art techniques to experiment on the traditional codes of social documentary.

The emotional state of the protagonist B. is powerfully conveyed to the audience through the creation of two video-collages of images. Taken over the course of more than a year, these pictures run on different speed paces and blend on a rhythmical background noise (the sampled voice of the artist Flavio Sciole’) in order to produce an immersive description of the B.’s inner experience. A claustrophobic room is her only livable world for long stretches of time, but the world within herself keeps on expanding and pulsing.

In bringing finally out all of her worst fears, B. reaches the turning point at the end of this research: her awareness, and can now define herself, she is Queen B. Inc.