Born in Rome, Sara Pettinella graduated in art history and studied design and photography in Italy and the United Kingdom. She won the Interfaces Award (University of Rome and MIFAV – Museum of the Photographic Image and Visual Arts) in 2002. Since 2004, she has been active in the non-profit sector in Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa working with refugees and other vulnerable groups through photography and design.

In 2011, she relocated to Brooklyn, NY, where she co-founded the art collectives Linearossa (2011) and electric cabbage (2012 – present). Her solo projects have been showcased internationally by galleries, art locations and online shows such as MIFAV, La Casa dell’Altra Economia, Zebra Room, Cheryl Pelavin Gallery, New York City Transit Museum, NooSPHERE ART, Skylight Gallery, The ArtisTTable, and DomagkAteliers.

She recently won the first prize for Eye.Eye.Nose.Mouth, a portrait competition organized by the ArtisTTable (April 2014) and the third place of the Urban Landscape photo contest organized by the New York Center for Photographic Art (July 2015).

Since 2014, she has ben directing, shooting and editing video documentary projects with a special focus on music and performative arts. She directed We Are One blood drum spirit, a documentary produced and royal hartigan and featuring his jazz quartet blood drum spirit, and their experience in Ghana, that has been selected and awarded by several international film festivals so far (more details below).

sara pettinella bio

Eye.Eye.Nose.Mouth Portrait Competition Award, 2014

I was impressed by the outstanding work of Sara Pettinella, and have chosen her photo, ‘En El Nula – Venezuela’  for First Place. Pettinella has an interesting perception of space and uses special camera angles to create mysterious and fascinating compositions. She employs diagonals to create a welcome discomfort  that is a balance between intriguing characters and a unique aesthetic with extreme compositions.

Michal Ben Zeev

“Praga_Kafka” by Sara Pettinella. Winner of Interfaces Award, 2002 edition

Motivation: For the lightness of graphics and design that introduce the visitors to the atmosphere of Prague. Please note the special attention devoted to stimulating interactivity, desire to explore and the interest of the audience who can only be fascinated by the “journey “

MIFAV – Museum of the Photographic Image and Visual Arts, Rome Italy