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My documentary film

My documentary film:


I started producing organic collages in 2013. After years of being a photographer, I felt the need to take a break from keys, buttons, shutters, monitors and pixels. I went outdoors and picked up beautiful leaves, weird seeds and debris of all kinds. I started pasting them with words cut out from magazines and newspapers onto wood or acrylic-painted surfaces.

Gradually, collage after collage, my focus became to combine such found objets with found words in order to capture moments of reality and fantasy, memories… It’s all about finding the real or possible stories of such organic and inorganic elements. Using acrylic colors to partially or entirely cover the artwork surface is my actual contribution to the narration; the colors I choose represent my feelings about it — my emotional reaction and involvement. Lines, Stripes and geometrical shapes represent life’s paths and zones.

After years of documentary and social documentary photography, I’m inspired and challenged by the idea of experimenting with telling the stories that “I find” as well as the stories that “find me” through more unconventional, intimate and emotional codes.