B. [Queen B. inc.]

London, UK. The following pictures are part of the project Queen B. inc., that includes the video installation presented in June 2014 at the DomagkAteliers Contemporary Art Exhibition in Munich (Germany) by Artitaly & Artworld – NYC Section.

Press release

Queen B. inc. NYC April 2014

This video installation documents a ‟true story by merging photography and video art techniques to experiment on the traditional codes of social documentary”.
The emotional state of the protagonist B. is powerfully conveyed to the audience through the creation of two video-collages of images. These pictures run on different speed paces and blend on a rhythmical background noise (the sampled voice of the artist Flavio Sciole’) in order to produce an immersive description of the B.’s inner experience. A claustrophobic room is her only livable world for long stretches of time, but the world within herself keeps on expanding and pulsing. In bringing finally out all of her worst fears, B. reaches the turning point at the end of this research: her awareness, and can now define herself, she’s Queen B. Inc.

Alessandra Carbone/Gaze Photography NYC

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